South Tampa Psychology was started as the boutique therapy and assessment practice of Dr. Brian Dragstedt, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in Tampa, FL. The practice was created to provide a new therapeutic experience for clients – from the easy online scheduling, to the waiting room, and the office. It’s designed from the ground-up to be easy, relaxing and refreshing.  At South Tampa Psychology, you won’t have to discuss anything with anyone but Dr. Brian. If you call, you get a response from Dr. Brian, personally. When you enter the front room, you’ll have the space to yourself to reflect, and relax – not another cramped clinic waiting room full of people trying to avoid eye contact. You’ll be welcomed by soft spa-like music, tasteful décor, current magazines and access to a variety of complementary coffees, teas, and cool water.

More importantly, in session, you’ll notice that unlike other clinical offices, there’s no rush.  Appointments are spaced, so when extra time is needed, it’s available – as opposed to the infamous, “that’s all the time we have for today” that can come at just the wrong time. As a therapist, Dr. Brian continues to comb the latest research, reflect on your progress, and plan for your next session. He can do this because he doesn’t pack his schedule as tightly as other therapists. In summary, it’s more attention to detail – your experience in the office, between sessions, and after treatment is concluded.

If you’d like to schedule a free phone consultation, or make a therapy appointment, feel free to call the office: 813-344-HEAL (4325), or just click schedule now.

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