Faster, More Effective Treatment?

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard a lot of stories about therapy – some great, and some, well, not so much. Most of us have heard of therapists who don’t seem to understand our problems, aren’t helpful, or, in some cases, even seem judgmental. These stories lead us to ask ourselves if therapy will even work – if we can trust that our therapist will understand and know how to treat the problems we’re facing, and rightfully so!

That’s why Dr. Brian Dragstedt uses a new “feedback-improved” therapy process – designed to focus treatment on the problems his clients have prioritized, then measure the effectiveness of several aspects of treatment during each session. He then uses this information to custom tailor treatment for every meeting. Repeated research shows that therapists who use this approach are two to three times more effective than other therapists, and that they can have this success in fewer sessions!

Dr. Brian has effectively worked with a great deal of teens and adults who have felt they had “failed therapy”, after meeting with other therapists, counselors, and physicians. If you’ve had similar experiences, you know how helpless, and hopeless this can feel.

The truth is, traditional therapy might have failed you. If you’d like to try the new “feedback-improved” approach, call Dr. Brian at 813-344-HEAL (4325) or just click on the button below to set up a quick, free consultation – over the phone or in person.

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