Traumatic Relationships

Have you found yourself struggling to make meaning of traumatic memories from past relationships, or even childhood? Often, many people have faced traumatic or neglectful treatment from the people who were there to care for them. They’ve been stuck in abusive relationships, suffered from mood swings, flashbacks, nightmares and feelings of guilt, shame, panic and anxiety. If this sounds like you, you could have symptoms of Complex PTSD, a complicated and often misunderstood group of symptoms and problematic patterns, causing many people to feel out of control, ashamed and empty. These people have often tried a variety of self-help books, and therapies, with varying degrees of success. A sense of hopelessness often sets in when they start to feel they have “failed” in their efforts. Of course, that’s not likely the case – many therapists simply don’t understand the physical, mental and emotional effects of such trauma, and the best methods for working through such symptoms. (Hint: the “trendy” methods may not be as effective as previously thought.)

Dr. Brian Dragstedt conducted his doctoral dissertation on the conceptualizations and treatments of Complex PTSD and developmental trauma from a multicultural perspective. Through this research, and clinical experience, Dr. Brian has focused his expertise in understanding and treating the disorder by using a customized therapy approach – designed to treat the difficulties each individual is troubled by most. By continually seeking specific feedback, and measuring progress during each session, Dr. Brian helps his clients gain a sense of control, confidence, and hope for the future.

If you’re ready to rise above the constraints of abusive relationships, fear, pain, shame and self-doubt, give Dr. Brian a call  at 813-344-HEAL or click the button below for a quick, free consultation over the phone or in-person. It’s up to you.

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