Are you feeling depressed, hopeless, or defeated? Have you been feeling like you don’t know where your life is headed or how you got here? Maybe you’re just not sleeping as well as you used to, or finding the same sense of excitement about your life, your family, and your friends. Or is it
that you’re struggling just to get up in the morning – and stay awake and focused during the day?

These feelings of sadness and self-doubt can be treated – quickly, often within a few weeks, and without medication! Dr. Brian Dragstedt helps teens and adults who are feeling stuck, vulnerable, confused or helpless – find new self-confidence, happiness, and excitement.

If you’re ready to break out of depression’s trap, give Dr. Brian a call at 813-344-HEAL or click the button below to set up a free consultation – either over the phone or in person. It’s up to you.

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