Faster, More Effective Treatment?

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard a lot of stories about therapy – some great, and some, well, not so much. Most of us have heard of therapists who don’t seem to understand our problems, aren’t helpful, or, in some cases, even seem judgmental. These stories lead us to ask ourselves if therapy will […]

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relationship trouble

Relationship Problems / Family Conflict

Maybe you’ve been in and out of a series of relationships, but keep making the same mistakes – or choosing the wrong partners. Do you want to find that “right” person, or break free of a relationship that just isn’t working? You might be trying to overcome conflict in your family relationships, or disputes among […]

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Depressed Woman Experiencing Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety & Stress

You might have a racing heart and sweaty palms, quick, intrusive thoughts you can’t control, or even specific fears that seem insurmountable. Is anxiety holding you back from spending time with family or friends, or taking the next step in your career? Maybe you’re functioning quite well, but work hard to cope with everyday stress– […]

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Are you feeling depressed, hopeless, or defeated? Have you been feeling like you don’t know where your life is headed or how you got here? Maybe you’re just not sleeping as well as you used to, or finding the same sense of excitement about your life, your family, and your friends. Or is it that […]

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Traumatic Relationships

Have you found yourself struggling to make meaning of traumatic memories from past relationships, or even childhood? Often, many people have faced traumatic or neglectful treatment from the people who were there to care for them. They’ve been stuck in abusive relationships, suffered from mood swings, flashbacks, nightmares and feelings of guilt, shame, panic and […]

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Dr. Brian Dragstedt is a therapist in South Tampa, helping teens and adults heal themselves from depression and emptiness, anxiety and fears, abuse and relationship problems. He also provides psychological testing for Adult ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and treatment planning. If you’d like to schedule a quick, free phone consultation with Dr. Brian, just call 813-344-HEAL (4325), or […]

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